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Certified Dog Trainer / Therapy Dog Evaluator • 651.230.7774

Welcome to Journey of Misfits Dog Training


At Journey of Misfits, we offer basic obedience training, based on your dog's needs. *
Group classes or private lessons are available. Classes are kept smaller, maximum of 7.
We want time to work individually with you and your dog, while still training in a group setting.

We train using positive reinforcement as well as other training techniques. All dogs do not learn the same, we do not use cookie cutter training. Dogs need a strong positive leader. Your dog should listen to a command the first time it is given, out of respect, NOT FEAR!!! Dogs love us unconditionally!!!

Journey's #1 goal is to ensure your dog listens to you obediently, happily, willingly. We want your dog to be an enjoyable, well mannered part of your family - Dogs are family!

Call us to find out how we can teach your dog the basics such as: come, sit, down, stay - while also teaching:

How to correctly socialize with other dogs
The proper way to greet another dog on a walk
Stop behaviors such as chewing, biting, digging, barking, nipping and jumping
Stop pulling and lunging
Become less fearful, anxious, shy, overly excited

* We encourage and enjoy talking to you by phone, e-mail or stopping by.