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Welcome to Journey,

I have been a trainer for 22 years. To say it has been a journey is correct! I have been searching for a career that would make me happy, and help others. Retail, salon, restaurant server, cashier, etc...NONE of which was a fit for me. I worked at an upscale boarding and grooming facility, while attending school to become a veterinarian technician, which is initially what I wanted to be. Little did I know that I had stumbled upon a world which I finally fit in. I truly had found a "job" that I was truly happy with.

The owner of facility where I worked, bred and showed Golden Retrievers. I was generously given one of her dogs, Buzz...and so our journey began.

Buzz has brought me through ups and downs. New adventures, stepping into unknown territory and took in all I possibly could. From potty training to basic training, patience, laughter, tears, he taught me anything is possible.

The one thing that was and always will remain is dogs bring people together. From all walks of life, different backgrounds, ages, careers, ethnicity, Buzz has brought this misfit gal together. Without our dogs, many of our paths would never have crossed.

Dogs have brought amazing clients, life long friends, whom I now consider family, into my life forever. And brought strangers together who are now friends...all because of our dogs. Regardless, having a purebred, a rescue dog, first dog owner or owner of many growing up with dogs, we are all misfits. Only the power of our 4 legged angels can bring so many different people together to form friendships, kindness, empathy and compassion for one another.

Lead by example. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. I was taught this at a young age. I now listen, learn, and tear up when I see that my love of dogs has lead all these beautiful misfits to meet.

Buzz is, and will always be my best friend, my hero. He saved my life in ways only a doggy could. Buzz has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but will forever remain through all of you!

I am blessed and grateful, that I get to do a job that helps make that unbreakable bond between a dog and their owner.

Journey, one paw step at a time. Together our dogs will help guide us to make a difference, the world so desperately needs...unconditional love!

Furever your friend,
Angela Strong

Angela and Buzz
Angela and Buzz

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