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Certified Dog Trainer / Ret. Therapy Dog Evaluator 651.230.7774

Rules to be followed at Journey

No physical or verbal abuse will be tolerated toward any dog!! You will immediately be excused!!! No Refunds! *
NO SMOKING allowed in or near the front of the building. (Please Do Not throw your butts on the ground).
Exercise dogs only in specified areas. You MUST clean up after your dog. It's the law!
For safety and liability reasons, children under 16 must be strictly supervised by an adult not training a dog. NO unsupervised children!
All dogs must have current vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella. (NO Exceptions)
You are responsible for your own dogs treats/water for safety and sanitary reasons.
Only training equipment suggested by trainer allowed. No choke/chain collars, flexi leashes allowed. (NO Exceptions). Contact trainer with any questions.
Cell Phones must be on silent in building. No calls during class!
For safety reasons, dogs MUST remain leashed at ALL times and controlled during class - No loose leashes. Be respectful of another dogs space.
Please work with your dog EVERYDAY, 3-4 times daily for approx. 10 minutes. You are responsible for your doggies training & behavior.
Class will start on time! One hour flies by. Another class is waiting to learn.
Proper footwear is required - Street shoes, tennis shoes. (NO Exceptions)
For your safety, no Flip Flops, open toed shoes, or heals allowed.
If your female is in season (in heat), please contact Journey to reschedule.
Always ask before petting a dog.


Journey is always available if you have any questions.
During class, if you do not understand a lesson, please ask questions!!!
We ALL learn together!


* Journey of Misfits has the right to terminate training immediately and ask any client to remove themselves and their pet from class without discussion. The trainer can meet with the customer at a later time, to discuss the issue in which caused the termination.

Subject to change without notice